Video production with your iphone

Video Production with iPhone

It is possible to produce a high-quality corporate video using an iPhone and it’s just a matter of how you go about it that makes the key difference.

One of our clients has just done exactly that, using our new Uvideo production model! We gave training specifically tailored to using the iPhone to capture high-quality video. The company were able to produce a two minute highlight video explaining the company offerings – check it out below !

Here are four key things that you must consider before videoing high quality content on your iPhone or smart phone for that matter !


We think lighting is perhaps the single most important factor to consider and get right when videoing content with your smart phone The phone’s camera and computer is hungry for light! Frankly the more you can light your subject the better the video quality will be. You will quickly see that failure to light properly will result in a grainy and texture on the video which in the video production world is called ‘noise’. You won’t be able to get rid of this in the editing process . The first place to start is to utilize as much natural light as possible. Are you videoing outside or in an office? If outside, consider shade and the changing light conditions (clouds) over time.  If in the office is there a large window nearby that lets in a good amount of daylight ? Next consider using artificial light for instance LEDs to assist you. Try and use a simple three point lighting system this means firstly there should be a key light [the main light] and this could easily be a large window letting sunlight through . Secondly there should be a back light. Place this behind your subject just out of the way so that it is not in frame (not visible). Back lights really help distinguish the subject from the background . And lastly a fill light which does exactly that – it fills in the other side of the subject’s face where shadows can fall .


Spend time setting up your competition i.e. the look and feel that you are wanting to convey .
In our client’s video example in this blog they have opted for a warm friendly composition with a few props in the background (shelving and a bookcase] they have also opted for each person to be seated in a more comfortable posture and they alternate between left and right positioning of the talent. When we produce corporate videos we often spend many hours setting up prior to the shoot to get that look and feel right . In fact it starts in the studio where we storyboard and come up with ideas for the visual representation the client is seeking to portray. A great way to do this is to simply ‘Google’ and look at examples of other videos that you like. Of course if you have appointed a video production company to undertake the shoot then put the task to them and they will come up with examples and advise on the best look and feel for your intended audience.


Keeping the iPhone stable whilst videoing is critical we recommend using a tripod with an adapter specifically designed to hold the iPhone in place.
When you’re shooting B roll after the interview [overlay footage to help with the storytelling] allow yourself to get more creative and when you have videoed the shots that you require try some handheld movements but remember keep them slow !


The onboard microphones on an iPhone are simply not good enough in our opinion to record sound of the quality necessary to portray your company . They may be acceptable for selfie style videos but when it comes to producing a corporate video we strongly recommend purchasing a separate sound recording device which will have a dedicated lapel microphone which needs to be placed near to the voice box of the talent. If you don’t have the budget for this then consider purchasing a lapel microphone which can be plugged into the iPhone but don’t forget you will need an extension cord and you will certainly require a adapter depending on the smart phone of your choice!

Last tip! don’t forget before the shoot to fully charge your iPhone and make sure there is enough memory space for your purposes otherwise you’ll find the shoot being interrupted which is frustrating from the talents point of you and the last thing you want to do is frustrate your talent !

John Leonard is managing director of Spotlight Productions and Uvideo – the new way to produce regular, high quality, branded video for marketing your business.


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