Scale Up Your Video Production

It is no secret that video is the most effective way to communicate a message to people visiting your website. With the rise of social media, video has become one of the best ways to communicate and engage with your audience.

But it is time consuming to create ongoing video content if it is not something the business is familiar with doing. Scaling up video production then becomes a real challenge. Uvideo’s video production training packages empower staff to video their own content, and maps out an efficient process to overcome this challenge.

Uvideo package options allow you to take full advantage of our experience and knowledge in video production and video editing on your own terms, within your own budget, so there’s no surprises, just regular video content delivered regularly and on time.

If regular video production is something that is necessary to help grow your companies’ content footprint and engage your target audience, we can help you plan, create and deliver that content for you as often as you need to.

Our streamlined process is the perfect solution to help your business scale its video production as the business grows, and more of your target audience becomes increasingly aware of what you do. Professionally presented video production makes you look professional, which creates a sense of authority in your message and helps generate trust with your audience.

Short, sharp and relevant videos that can be quickly created, edited and distributed to your LinkedIn network, business YouTube channel, website or even as an email, are easy to organise and even easier to produce thanks to the Uvideo process.

We can assist with any of the following.

  • Additional Time (per minute) $150
  • 2nd revision $85
  • Additional overlay $45
  • Captions (per minute) $10
  • Hire a camera operator (1/2 day, 4 hrs) $650 (Melbourne)
  • Hire a camera operator (1 day, 8 hrs) $950 (Melbourne)
  • Shadow – 1 hour Video Production Assistance (Melbourne) $350
  • Hire a video camera kit ENQUIRE
  • Voiceover ENQUIRE
  • Hire a camera operator interstate ENQUIRE
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Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements so we can assist your business in scaling up your video production.

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