Video Editing Options

On Demand 24 hr video editing

We have three video editing packages to help you produce high quality video fast!  The main difference between the packages is whether your video actually requires editing of not and it's duration.  Editing means cutting video content (e.g. someone talking) and rearranging / interweaving other content e.g. another person talking or B roll footage.  Branded elements mean adding your video title, name titles, overlays and a Call To Action all in compliance with your brand guidelines.  If your requirements differ, we offer flexibility with our additional services or by agreeing any variations before we commence the edit.

If your video production project varies from the packages above, choose from the additional services listed below. Remember, once you’ve learned to manage your own video production processes internally, it becomes a breeze to publish engaging content much more frequently.


We get it, some projects differ and there will be times when you need more. We
have priced some common additional services. For any video production project, you can add the following:

Video is the King of Content. With fast turnarounds, and streamlined processes, Uvideo
is the solution for regular video production Melbourne businesses require.
Flexible. Affordable and Fast. Contact us today.

  • Additional Time (per minute) $150
  • 2nd revision $85
  • Additional overlay $45
  • Captions (per minute) $10
  • Hire a camera operator (1/2 day, 4 hrs) $650 (Melbourne)
  • Hire a camera operator (1 day, 8 hrs) $950 (Melbourne)
  • Shadow - 1 hour Video Production Assistance (Melbourne) $350
  • Hire a video camera kit ENQUIRE
  • Voiceover ENQUIRE
  • Hire a camera operator interstate ENQUIRE
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Edit your story (in
accordance with your

Add B roll footage or
graphics (if supplied)

Add brand
compliant titles &
name titles

Add a
Call To Action

Add your pre designed
2D logo animation

Add overlays (superscript)
where directed

Add background
music of your

Colour Grade and
Mix the sound

We make producing high quality video easy, enjoyable and affordable, allowing you to
concentrate on reaching out to your audience in a super quick timeframe.

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