5 Tips to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Next Video Production Project

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5 Tips to maximise the effectiveness of your next video production project

Let’s face it when it comes to a video production project it generally is a large task involving many different facets and many different people so, if you’re going to do it, it’s always best to get the most out of the project.

It’s easy to concentrate on the desired end result, often in isolation e.g. you may need a customer testimonial video and you may decide it needs to be set couple of minutes in duration. But, one of the first things we advise, is to reconsider the project as a content generation exercise. What we mean by this is, as you have the opportunity to record talent (and in this case your client) there’s no better opportunity than to capture as much content as possible for a range of video productions!

Now depending on your marketing and communications strategy, this could include a number of different styles of production, for instance, a series of short soundbites for social media, a longer form video for a more captive audience and perhaps even breaking away from the actual testimonial content to record some topic or insight videos about a relevant subject.

Of course, all your content will be or should be, directed by the relevance to your audience and target market. By addressing their challenges, you increase the chances of better engagement for your video production.

You could even take things one step further and take the opportunity to video other projects that might be front of mind e.g. whilst you are set up, how easy would it be to jump in front of the camera when you’re finished with your client, to record a series of selfie style videos about a relevant topic. You would have to think about changing the composition i.e. the background for the framing but that could be as easy as turning the camera around to face a different coloured wall or scene!

You might also want to consider repurposing your video production it’s easy these days to get the audio transcribed and a transcription could break the ice for a blog or two! Perhaps you could even use the video production audio to create a podcast?

So, before you embark on your next video production project think outside the box and treat it as a video content creation exercise. You could come away with enough content to populate your social media channels for the next couple of months!  Here’s a reminder:

  1. Capture shorter video soundbites for social media
  2. Video topical content for a different video production
  3. Turn the camera on yourself to produce some selfie video content
  4. Transcribe the audio to create a blog
  5. Produce a podcast with the audio.


Preparation is key to the success of any video production and to help you get started please feel free request our draft video production schedule which will help you prepare both yourself and your team!

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